It's really simple!



Bounce quarters on to the board or toss quarters in front of board aiming for the hole. Bottle caps work great too!


In the Hole - 3 points.

On the Board - 1 point.

First player to 21 wins.​

Chunkin Change is a must for tailgating, house parties and local watering holes! Great for Christmas with the Family!!

The Coinhole Toss Game

Chunkin Change is a fun and easy to play game for all ages!

Choose from our standard and custom designed boards or create your own custom board with any picture or logo!

There is STILL time to order for Christmas!!!


Players make two attempts to bounce or toss coin (or bottle cap). Players alternate turns. Score is recorded after each turn.

Pick from stock choices or create your own!

Completely customized to your liking with any logo or picture you want on it!

Unlike wood, our Chunkin Change game is made of aluminum. At 4in. X 8in. the game board is extremely durable and easy to take with you anywhere! You can toss with quarters or even better with bottle caps!